Converge Communications was conceived in 2017 by Ximena Gonzalez. After more than a decade of industry experience, she decided to help solve one of the problems commonly faced by small architecture & design firms: reaching and attracting clients

Part of the marketing toolbox, Public Relations & Social Media play a significant role in raising the profile of countless Architecture & Design firms around the globe. Nevertheless, Canadian firms seem to hestitate and stick to less-than-ideal marketing practices that fail to reach their audiences. This is especially true in Alberta, where despite the talent and expertise of local firms, major projects are often assigned to big-name companies from outside the province, or to the ‘usual suspects’ at a local scale.  

At Converge Communications we are changing the rules of the game. The time has come for smaller firms to step into the spotlight and show what they are capable of. We are here to help you get there.



Ximena Gonzalez
MEDes, BArch, Public Relations Diploma

After more than a decade of holding different positions in Architecture firms in Canada and abroad, as well as pursuing extensive training in Architecture and Urban Planning, Ximena found herself dissatisfied with the direction of her career. An undeniable passion for writing about the subjects of her fields of expertise became evident as she wrote her Master's thesis: The Place of Planners in Tourism Development Planning.

Ximena founded Converge Communications to help raise the profile of small architecture & design firms through strategy and actionable plans. Her international experience and well-rounded educational background in Architecture, Environmental Design, and Public Relations, give Ximena a unique edge to solve the marketing and communications needs of smaller Architecture & Design firms.